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Make Holiday Gummy Candy a Staple of Your Christmas Stocking Stuffers

A Bag of Vidal’s Gummi Gingerbread Men | BlairCandy.comGummies seem to us to be unique among candies in that they can be flavored to taste like basically anything and are just so soft and sugary sweet that they become irresistible. Go ahead, try eating just one gummy out of a bag. We bet you can’t do it.

In honor of our love for gummies (can you think of a better reason for doing anything?), let’s highlight some fun holiday gummy candy we’ve got this Christmas season:

1. Vidal’s Gummi Gingerbread Men. These are awesome. Why? When you open a bag you get that whoosh of gingerbread scent. You won’t be able to stop after that. The smell, the adorable gingerbread men. Go ahead, eat up. It’s okay.
2. Vidal’s Gummi Christmas Trees. Gummy Christmas trees are here to light up your winter nights. These red and green trees, flavored as strawberry and apple, are coated with sugar, making them a sumptuously sweet Christmas snack and a fun stocking stuffer.
3. Vidal’s Gummy Santas. Vidal has the gummies! This time, it’s gummi Santas, each one dressed in a classic Santa hat of either red or green and flavored as strawberry or apple. Like the others, they’re just irresistible.

Christmas is almost here! Don’t miss any of this holiday gummy candy this season. Shop it all right now on!

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