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Lifesavers Hard Candy with Sweet Storybooks Are Fun Christmas Candy in Bulk

Box of Holiday Lifesavers Hard Candy with Book | BlairCandy.comEveryone loves some good Christmas candy in bulk around the holidays. That’s probably because the season is one of giving, and everyone wants to have enough candy to give to everyone on their list of family and friends. When buying candy in bulk for Christmas, the issue really becomes what kind of candy to get. Everyone has different tastes, of course. And, on top of that, the candy should also be fun! This is Christmas, after all.

In situations like these, Blair Candy will always be ready to suggest some cheerful holiday candy that is sure to put a smile on the faces of children and adults alike. This time, we’d love for you to check out holiday Lifesavers hard candy with a sweet storybook included! The box opens to reveal both the Lifesavers rolls inside and a Christmas-themed story suitable for children and adults alike! Now when have you heard of other Christmas candies doing that for you? What better way to observe Christmas morning than with some fruity-licious flavors of Lifesavers and a sweet Christmas tale? It’s a truly one-of-a-kind stocking stuffer.

And if you really love Lifesavers, don’t forget Blair Candy also carries a holiday mix of peppermint-flavored hard Lifesavers along with cherry and apple flavors. Lifesavers are true classics and have never lost that perfect hard-candy taste.

Don’t forget to stock up on Lifesavers in bulk for Christmas this year from wholesale candy retailer!

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