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For a Most Unusual and Tasty Christmas Candy in Bulk, Have a Look at a Giant Rice Krispies Treat!

A 2-Pound Sheet of Original Rice Krispies Treats | BlairCandy.comEveryone loves getting surprised by unique Christmas gifts under the tree, right? As long as it’s something different and unexpected, it’ll probably do the job. Here’s yet another awesome candy suggestion for you this Christmas season: a giant Rice Krispies Treat sheet weighing a whopping two pounds!

Now, we’ll admit, when we first saw this, we thought it would be perfect to just eat from end to end all in one sitting. But the more we thought about it, the more ideas we got for how to have fun while eating this. Here’s what we came up with for this majorly awesome Christmas candy in bulk:

• Cut the sheet into perfect squares to hand out at a party or to guests. This would be fun if you want to make your own mini Rice Krispies Treats for yourself and all your family and friends.
• Get a cookie cutter to press into the sheet and make shapes! This is a fun idea. Who says cookie cutters are just for cookies? You have a 2-pound sheet to work with, so have at it with the cutter pressing. What fun shapes will you make?
• Add your own toppings to the gigantic sheet. What’s your favorite topping? Throw some chocolate on there, M&M’s, peanut butter, or all of it together! Spread it on, cool the whole thing so the toppings harden, and then serve it all for an extra special Rice Krispies holiday treat!

There’s a lot of fun you can have with this Christmas candy in bulk! Enjoy this 2-pound sheet yourself or gift it to someone else and watch the delight spread across their face! For more fun Christmas candy gift ideas, keep browsing!

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