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Count on Frooties in All Flavors to Make Up Your Christmas Candy Buffets

Strawberry-Flavored Frooties by Tootsie | BlairCandy.comSome candies seem to have seasons assigned to them, like how more people seem to enjoy boxes of fine chocolates at Christmas and Easter than at other times of year (even though chocolate remains delicious at all times!). Our own opinion is that Frooties are not seasonal candies so much as year-round delicacies. They’re just always appropriate to the time of year we’re in.

No one would bat an eye at seeing Frooties hanging around in the summer. But now, in December, it’s Christmas candy buffets we’re thinking of for these mouthwatering little guys. The strawberry-flavored ones pictured above are that perfect deep red you need for Christmas, so don’t be afraid to buy a bunch of them and pour them into a glass bowl with a lid for an elegant component of your holiday buffet this year. Combine these with the green apple Frooties for a true Christmas buffet of red and green.

While you’re at it, ask yourself if any Christmas candy buffet would be a real one without those classic white-and-red mini candy canes that you see every year. Answer: it would not be a real Christmas candy buffet. Candy canes simply make you feel like Christmas, and that peppermint flavor is just so refreshing!

Hurry and get your Frooties right now before the holidays get too busy! Shop for them at!

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