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Christmas Time Is the Right Time for Gummy Candy in Bulk

A Bag of Haribo Holiday Edition Gold Gummi Bears | BlairCandy.comOne candy that all our customers at Blair Candy seem to love year-round is gummy candy. People grow up loving it and never forget about it when they’re adults. And over time, we also get to know and remember certain brand names of candies we’ve enjoyed throughout our lives. Haribo is of course one of those famous names in the candy industry. Its gummy candies have been delighting people around the world for generations.

The German confectionary company Haribo was founded in 1920 and is now headquartered in the city of Bonn. As we’re sure you’ve noticed, Haribo makes a ton of gummies that are popular around the holidays. From Easter bunnies, to creepy Halloween creatures, and now to red and green Christmas bears, Haribo has you covered for holiday gummy candy in bulk. One bite of any of its chewable treats and you immediately remember that soft, sugary taste that hooked you in the first place.

The red and green colors of the gummy bears pictured above would make perfect additions to any Christmas candy buffet. What will you do with yours? Pour them into a clear glass bowl? Have them line the icing on a Christmas cake or cupcake? Maybe attach them to an intricately decorated gingerbread house? Do whatever you want, as long as you eat and enjoy them!

When you’re shopping for Christmas candy this month, remember the names: Haribo and!

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