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Vidal Makes All the Christmas Candy in Bulk You Need During the Holidays

A Bag of Gummi Snowmen in Apple and Strawberry Flavors | BlairCandy.comSome things in life just can’t be questioned. Water is wet, fire is hot, and Vidal makes perfect gummi candy, period, full stop. We’ve always had a soft place in our hearts for Vidal gummies. They come in so many fun varieties and are always so perfect for the holidays. At Halloween they’ve got those awesome gummi eyeballs and body parts. Just too yummy! Now, for Christmas time, Vidal is back once again, this time with gummi snowmen!

We have to say, these are especially awesome. Sugar-coated gummi snowmen in red and green flavors of strawberry and apple fill each of the 4.5-ounce bags. Each snowman is absolutely adorable, wearing a little hat and scarf for the winter.

For only $1.50 a bag, these little guys will make great Christmas candy in bulk for business owners across the country who want to stock up their shelves with unique Christmas candy now, before the mad rush gets here. In fierce competition for Christmas candy, you just need to stand out and be unique, and the snowmen are certainly unlike most gummi candies you’ll find out there.

So if you want to draw the eyes of kids and adults alike in your store, stock up on a bunch of gummi snowmen from Vidal right now. With Christmas on its way, you’ll be happy you got this done early. And sneak a few bags for yourself, too! No lying: these snowmen really hit that sweet spot.

Check out for more bulk Christmas candy!

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