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Santa Claus Candy Gift Boxes Will Hold Old-Fashioned Christmas Candy Perfectly

A Thin Cardboard Santa Claus Candy Gift Box | BlairCandy.comSometimes you just want to do things your own way. No one else can tell you how to do it; you just know how you want it done, and that settles it. That’s how we feel sometimes about old-fashioned Christmas candy. This type of candy has real character, bringing us back mentally to older, simpler times, maybe to our childhoods, when certain candies were made that aren’t really made or well known anymore. Washburn’s old-fashioned hard candies. Pink and white sugar popcorn. Gilliam candy sticks. Cella’s chocolate-covered cherries. These all ring a nostalgic bell for us.

Here at Blair Candy, we wanted to provide you with a means to present that old-fashioned Christmas candy this season. Our cardboard candy boxes are one and 7/8 inches deep, three inches tall, and four inches wide. The boxes feature a classic illustration of Santa Claus being borne along in his sleigh by his reindeer, a truly traditional Christmas image. Or, if you prefer religious themes, we have another cardboard candy box featuring Mary and the baby Jesus. These boxes are intentionally non-commercial, inviting you to fill them with all kinds of nostalgic holiday candy treats and gift them to your family and friends.

Give the gift of old-fashioned Christmas candy this year, and do it the way you want. Build your own Christmas candy boxes at!

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