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Marshmallow Charm Bits Are the Christmas Candy in Bulk You Need for Your Gingerbread House

A Pile of Marshmallow Charm Bits Candies | BlairCandy.comHere at Blair Candy, we’re proud to offer not only delicious candies for every conceivable occasion year round, but also fun candies. Being that we are well into the holiday season now, we want to do everything we can to make this special time of year enjoyable for you, and one of those things involves offering you supplies for your very own gingerbread houses!

You know the story on gingerbread houses, right? They’ve been part of Christmas culture since forever, are absolutely adorable, and are totally fun to make (and eat!). The gingerbread itself is of course a scrumptious delight, but what makes each gingerbread house special are the ways you decorate yours, and no two houses are exactly alike.

A gingerbread cottage kit from Wonka will get you all set up with your house, but regarding the decorating: why not try some marshmallow charm bits? These aren’t big, fluffy marshmallows like you would use for s’mores. Instead, they’re small marshmallow pieces like you find in cereals. The bits come in an assortment of bright colors, perfect for attaching to your gingerbread house with icing. Don’t be afraid of going overboard with them: these marshmallow bits are small, and you’ll want a bunch of them on there so you can eat them all later on!

Marshmallow charm bits are a great Christmas candy in bulk to get this season for your cute little gingerbread house. For all our bulk holiday candy, visit

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