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Let Christmas Candy Boxes of Dots Be Your Go-To Movie Snack This Holiday Season

A Box of Christmas Dots in Red, White, and Green | BlairCandy.comPeople love to transform their clothing and houses around the holidays, decking everything out in festive red and green to welcome in Christmas. Isn’t it great how so many candies transform themselves at this time of year, too? Well hey, candy wants to have fun and celebrate right along with you! We see it kind of everywhere: Hershey bars come out with holiday designs on them. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups morph into Christmas trees with Reese’s Pieces stuffed in them. And, as you can see above, Dots dress themselves all up in red and white and green and white color combinations!

These holiday themes just get you in the spirit of the season. No one wants to be caught eating these candies in their looks from the normal parts of the year. If it’s Halloween, you want creepy candy! When it’s Christmas, you want holiday candy, period. Plus, Christmas candy is always a nice mental reminder that the holidays have returned, since you usually can’t find Christmas candies any other time of year.

These boxes of Dots are also perfect for bringing along to the movies. Dots are an age-old movie theater candy. It’s sort of a given: going to the movies? Bring Dots. And as we all know, all the exciting, award-winning movies start coming out around November and December. So settle into your seat this winter with a few boxes of these Christmas-themed Dots! Christmas candy boxes are really all the rage right about now, so you’ll be happy you stocked up.

And for more themed holiday candy, stay with!

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