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Chopped Butterfinger Candy Goes Great as Cake or Ice Cream Toppings

A Pile of Chopped Butterfinger Ice Cream Topping | BlairCandy.comSo you’ve made the perfect cake. It’s chocolate, it’s strawberry, it’s coconut. Whatever is it, you know it’s all it should be…except it’s missing like one more thing. It’s already baked, so you can’t really add anything to the mix. So what are you left with? Well, you’ll have to add something to the top, and we know just the thing! Butterfinger chopped topping would make that cake the best thing you ever made. And with its versatility as either ice cream toppings or cake topping, these chopped Butterfingers will be flying all over your kitchen!

Now that we’ve got you all hungry for a cake with Butterfinger toppings, let’s discuss some baking ideas for the upcoming holiday season. What’s Christmas without some good old-fashioned baking? Our own thought is that these Butterfinger toppings would be just picture-perfect atop a thick, round chocolate peanut butter with chocolate frosting. Just drop some chopped-up Butterfingers on it and, trust us, you will make a lot of people happy.

Or, in keeping with the holidays, how about a red velvet cake with white icing and the Butterfinger toppings baked into the whole mix? That’s what we call “decadent,” no question. The thing about it is that Butterfingers are incredible on their own, but adding them to existing baked concoctions is going to make your Christmas! And don’t forget about ice cream toppings, too! Ice cream’s good all year round, so throw on some Butterfinger toppings and settle in for some frozen goodness!

For all kind of amazing cake and ice cream toppings for this holiday baking season, stick with!

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