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3 Tips for A Memorable Halloween Party

Happy Halloween Party Decorations | BlairCandy.comWhen you’re hosting a company Halloween party, a boo-tiful bash with friends, or another spooky soiree for family, it’s important to make sure that your guests go home with something to remember the occasion by!

At Blair Candy, we want to make it easy to throw a great party and that includes giving you the sweet essentials you need to delight your guests. Here are a few of our tips on how to make your next party a hit with something to take home:

1. Give out wrapped Halloween candy as a party favor. Fill individual treat bags with a few pieces of candy (hard, gummy, or chocolate – it’s all great!) to take your guests back to the days of trick or treating, no matter what their ages!

2. Set up a Halloween photo booth with spooky props and costume pieces so that your guests can take photos of a memorable night. Looking to give everyone a keepsake? Use a Polaroid camera or a camera that hooks up to a digital photo printer to snap and share in an instant!

3. Give out prizes at your party for creative or inventive costumes. A little competition can make an already awesome get-together feel even more special. Stumped on prize ideas? We love candy gifts, movie tickets, and gift cards for awarding the best costume in the bunch!

What are your favorite ways to make your Halloween parties unforgettable?

Milky Way Candy Bars Make Great Halloween Candy

A Bag of Fun-Sized Milky Way Candy Bars | BlairCandy.comYou’ve got to hand it to the candy-makers: they really know what they’re doing when it comes to combining the right flavors for a perfectly sugary concoction. As we’ve written about before, lots of themed candy comes out during holiday seasons. Right now, as everyone is in full Halloween mode, there’s no shortage of spooky and creepy candies available for enjoying. But, sometimes, even we like just sitting back and eating some good old candy classics, and we love seeing them still make it into trick-or-treat bags as Halloween candy.

In this case, we’re talking about Milky Ways, but it can really be any candy that’s been around, seen a lot of years, and is still absolutely delicious. Take Milky Ways. The flavoring is perfect and yet so simple: rich chocolate covering creamy caramel and nice, smooth nougat. That’s all there is, and at the same time, if you’ve ever had a Milky Way, you know it doesn’t need anything else.

What other straightforward but delicious candies would make perfect Halloween candy this year? How about 3 Musketeers? Butterfingers? Snickers, Twix, or Hershey bars? Our mouths are watering just mentioning all these names! These candies have lasted as long as they have for good reason, and that reason is that people simply adore them. They eat them year after year, especially at popular candy holidays such as Halloween. Why not present these evergreen candies to all your trick-or-treaters, party guests, and family and friends this year? Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Order all your Halloween candy now from!

Don’t Let This Year Go by without Getting Some Halloween Reese’s

A Box of King-Size Reeseā€™s Peanut Butter Pumpkins | BlairCandy.comIt’s been confirmed: Reese’s-brand candy is consistently one of the most popular (if not the single most popular) candy sold at Halloween time. And it isn’t hard to see why. First off, the flavoring is nothing short of phenomenal: a chocolate exterior enclosing creamy peanut butter filling. Perfection! And at the holidays, Reese’s of course comes out with its themed candy varieties using the same yummy recipe.

At Halloween, you have a ton of Reese’s options. These include Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins in snack, regular, and king sizes (as well as in white chocolate), Peanut Butter Ghosts, Peanut Butter Eyeballs, and Peanut Butter Cups with glow-in-the-dark wrappers. We love a candy that can have fun and participate in the holidays!

If you’re looking for some Halloween Reese’s this year, you might be wondering what kind to get. Short of simply saying, “Get it all,” we’d like to recommend some buying plans for you. First, consider your audience. If your main candy recipients will be trick-or-treaters, get the snack-sized pumpkins so you can hand out a lot of them over the course of the night. If you’re giving Halloween Reese’s candy as gifts, why not go for the king-sized pumpkins? The more Reese’s candy you have, the happier you’ll be! Or, if you’re throwing a scary party this year, we suggest getting the Peanut Butter Eyeballs. They’re spooky, sure, but in the end, they still have the good old Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter flavor you know and love.

So, which Halloween Reese’s candy will you get this fall? Shop all of it now at

Tootsie Frooties Are Just the Cool Halloween Candy You Need This Season

A Bag of Blue Raspberry Frooties by Tootsie | BlairCandy.comLet’s discuss Tootsie candy for a few moments. Everyone knows Tootsie Rolls, right? Soft, chewy, bite-sized chocolate candies that have been around long enough to be considered candy classics? Yes, please. But, of course, Tootsie makes more than just its famous Rolls. What could we possibly be talking about? Frooties, obviously!

Now, you may have gotten Frooties in your Halloween bag as a kid but never knew what they were actually called. Similar to Tootsie Rolls, Frooties are soft, chewy candies available in quite a wide variety of fruity flavors. What types of flavors, you ask? To name just a few: you can get Frooties in grape, blue raspberry, fruit punch, watermelon, strawberry lemonade, and mango.

If you were lucky enough to have made sugary sweet memories of this cool Halloween candy, great! However, if you’ve never tried Frooties before, and this blog is introducing you to this candy, congratulations! You’ve discovered quite a popular and delicious Halloween candy that you will enjoy every year from now on.

But for as much as you love eating Frooties yourself, you just have to carry on the tradition by handing them out to others this Halloween! Buy up some cherry limeade or lemon Frooties and throw a handful into each trick-or-treat bag that arrives on your doorstep. The scrumptious sugary fruit flavors will create new Halloween candy memories in the minds of all those kids, and they’ll never forget that they had Frooties for Halloween when they were young.

For an assortment of Tootsie Frooties and other cool Halloween candy, visit

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