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Cool Halloween Candy Jokes Your Kids Will Love!

Cool Halloween Candy Buckets Carried by Trick-or-Treaters | BlairCandy.comWhen trick or treating, it’s not uncommon for your friends and neighbors to ask for a joke, a song, a dance, or something fun from your little one before handing out candy. Not to worry! Blair Candy is here to save the day with a few cute Halloween candy jokes you can use while trick or treating this Halloween.

What’s a chocolate covered pretzel’s favorite dance? The Twist!

Why are ghosts so clever? Because they eat lots of Smarties!

What do you call candy that was stolen? Hot chocolate!

What do you call a cow that can’t moo? A Milk Dud!

What Halloween candy is never on time for trick or treating? Choco-LATE!

What did the Starburst say to the Mars Bar when they first met? Going my Milky Way

And of course, we can also help with our selection of cool Halloween candy, perfect for handing out to visitors of all ages as they reach your door in costume! For all your Halloween candy and joke needs, visit!

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