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Wrapped Halloween Candy Trick-Or-Treaters Want

Trick-or-Treaters Out on Halloween | BlairCandy.comThere are so many options for wrapped Halloween candy these days that it can be hard to choose! How do you find a candy mix that trick-or-treaters will love and that you’ll love too if you have to end up eating it? Blair Candy can help you with this dilemma. We carry a variety of candy mixes that Halloween lovers of all ages will enjoy. But what should you try this season? We have few options you should definitely try when ordering your favorites:

Hershey’s Mix: You can’t go wrong with classic Hershey’s candy bars. Choose from a variety that features Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars, Reese’s Cups, Almond Joy, Kit Kats, and more. Or, try a multi pack of one of the new Glow in the Dark candy bars out now!

Twizzler Mix: Looking for something with more fruit flavor? Count on this Twizzler Mix to give you a boost during the trick or treating. Mixed with Twizzlers and Jolly Ranchers, this is a great alternative to chocolate candies that can melt or for those with sensitive diets.

Boo Bling: Kids will love wearing and eating this candy jewelry! Made up of spooky shapes and colors, these rings and bracelets will be a big hit in the neighborhood.

Mike & Ikes: These are a favorites among older kids and adults who have “just taken one piece” from the candy stash. This assortment has original, tropical, and sour flavors, making sure there’s something everyone will love.

Grab a few of these candy mixes and some others that you’re wanting to try by visiting us at There you’ll find plenty of new and staple Halloween candy mixes that will make you the most talked about house on the block. Shop now and get ready for Halloween today!

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