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Throw The Scariest Halloween Party with Gross Candy!

Candy Spiders in Multiple Bright Colors | BlairCandy.comEven scary Halloween parties need candy! Don’t kill the spooky vibes with cute candy – stock up on creepy, gross candy that will make your guests take a second look. We have plenty of the more popular candy bars – such as Hershey, Reese’s, and Kit Kats – that everyone loves while keeping things creepy with some gross-looking candy. This is what you should try this year:

Gummy Body Parts: Can you get any creepier with this candy? Each bag contains a mix of gummy body parts in assorted fruit flavors. Find gummy teeth, bones, fingers, feet, brains, and skulls in this candy assortment. We also have a bag of just gummy eyeballs, because sometimes you need extra eyeball gummies for decorating desserts and scaring your guests!

Gummy Critters: People will be grossed out when they see gummy spiders or gummy rats in your candy bag! Or you can really spook people with giant gummy snakes hiding on your dessert buffet. Either way, these gummy critters add to the atmosphere of the holiday.

Bug Lollipops: Do you think your guests will eat a bug? Challenge your guests for a creepy, sweet contest with some lollipops that have bugs inside. Choose from tequila worms, ants, or crickets for a gross candy challenge.

Candy Fangs: End the night with a set of candy fangs! These are a great party favor because they’re both a costume piece and candy. Just make sure you get a couple bags to ensure that there’s enough for everyone.

Check out all of our creepy candy at! You can stock up on candy for parties, trick-or-treating, or your Halloween favorites for your household. Shop now and start trying all of our gross, creepy treats today.

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