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The History of Halloween’s Favorite Gummy Candy

A Pile of Multicolored Gummy Worms | BlairCandy.comWhen you think Halloween candy, what’s the first candy that comes to mind? For many, it’s gummy candy, especially gummy worms. Gummy worms are the classic, creepy-crawly candy that kids love and adults are typically a little grossed out by. But how did these gummy candy classics come to be?

Gummy candy was first developed by a German candy maker in 1922. However, the gummy worm didn’t make it to candy stores until the 1980s by Trolli. The goal was to make a candy that kids would go crazy for, but adults would find gross.

There are so many varieties of the gummy worm. There are the regular gummy worms, which have two to three flavors and three stripes of color. Sour gummy worms tend to have the same colors and flavors, but can also be of a pastel variety. There are also jumbo gummy worms that can be upwards of three pounds!

People even use gummy worms for desserts, such as the classic dirt pudding. We’ve also seen gummy worms frozen into popsicles, jello desserts, or made for adults by being added to alcoholic drinks.

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