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Gummy Worms: Three Recipes to Try

A Pile of Gummy Worms | BlairCandy.comGummy worms and Halloween go hand and hand, so you have to something with these creepy crawly treats to your fall celebration! Whether you use the sour variety or stick with the classic fruit flavors, you can make delicious treats that everyone will love. Need a few ideas? Here’s some recipes to get you started.

Gummy Worm Punch: In addition to the gummy worms, all you need is some 7-Up, apple juice, and ice to make a delicious, fruity punch. You can add as many, or as little gummy worms as you’d like. See how to make it on the Musings from Kim blog here.

Dirt Pudding: An absolute Halloween classic. You can make this either as individual cups, a whole cake, or as a trifle. Brush up on the recipe here on Shari’s Blog here.

Jello Cups: Green jello can be extra creepy during Halloween, so why not add gummy works to it? See how these cool desserts are made on the Lil Luna blog here.

Halloween Trail Mix: Make sure everyone has enough energy for trick-or-treating with this monster trail mix! Mix in gummy worms, candy eyeballs, popcorn, and chocolate chips for a delicious grab and go treat. See how to make it and download a fun printable tag on the From Play Dates to Parties blog here.

What will you make with Halloween’s favorite candy? Stock up on gummy candy in bulk, including gummy worms and creepy gummy candy on!

New Products: Gummy Candy in Bulk for Halloween

Halloween Gummy Candies | BlairCandy.comGummy candy is a big staple of Halloween. It can be made to look super spooky or even gross and gory. Because of how much gummy candy you tend to go through during the Halloween season, Blair Candy has a wide variety of gummy candy in bulk! Use for games, pack goody bags, and thrill trick-or-treaters with a cool bag of gummies. Here’s what you should try this season:

Gummy Worms: Can you have Halloween without gummy worms? We don’t think so! Get a five-pound bag of either sour or regular gummy worms for your recipes or for snacking on this creepy crawly favorite.

Gummy Eyeballs: Even those with the most adventurous of tastes will take a second look at these gummies! These are perfect for decorating cupcakes and cookies if you have some extra from filling up your favorite candy dish.

Gummy Body Parts: Creep out your party guests with this mix of gummy body parts. Snack on fingers, teeth, brains, and bones for a spooky treat. Kids tend to have a fun time with these mixes, as they can assemble their own monsters and zombies.

Sour Bats, Cats, and Rats: Looking for something a little less creepy? The sour mix of bats, cats, and rats by Trolli may be what you are looking for. This mix has assorted flavors and is ready for the the Halloween party.

Which are you excited to try? Shop all of our creepy gummy candies today at

Play a Guessing Game With Gross Candy!

Children Enjoying Halloween Pumpkins | BlairCandy.comIf you’re looking for a fun way to add spookiness to your Halloween party, our selection of gross candy has you covered. Before bringing the gross candy into the party, we suggest trying a game that some call the “Halloween Mystery Box” game. Here’s how you do it:

1) Find boxes that are big enough for either children or adults to stick their hands in, like an empty tissue box. If you can’t find a box with a pre-cut opening, assemble a box and cut a hole in the top.

2) Make sure that no one can see through the box. Decorate it with Halloween wrapping paper or paint in festive colors.

3) Fill each box with items to have guests guess what it is. If going the candy route, fill with gummy spiders, worms, and body parts. If using food, consider using grapes as “eyeballs,” pumpkin innards for “guts”, jello for “brains”, and cooked spaghetti noodles for “worms.”

4) Have guests put hands in the box one by one and record their guesses! The guest with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

This classic game will be a big hit with your party guests! Choose from classic candy corn to new and crazy gummies for the perfect mix of fun and frightening. Stock up on Halloween candy, even gross candy for your games, on today!

M&M’s in Bulk Are the Most Versatile Candy of Fall

A Bag of Orange M&M's | BlairCandy.comWhat do you think is the most versatile candy for Fall? We don’t know about you, but we think M&M’s are one of the best candies year round, but especially during fall. Everyone loves this simple, yet totally delicious candy. Plus, it comes in so many colors, making it easy to customize for the occasion. Whether you’re wanting a bit of chocolate, or you want to try one of the many seasonal flavors, M&M’s are the candy to look for. But other than eating them straight out of the package, what else should you try with M&M’s in bulk this year?

First, make easy decorations with this colorful treat. Use as filler apothecary jars, themed candy dishes, and candy dispensers around the house. For a fall mix, we recommend mixing orange, red, and yellow colored pieces together. For a more Halloween color scheme, try light green, orange, purple, and black candies. However, there are no guarantees that a few might be missing by the time you pack up your decorations…

Next, taking the colored mixes and making easy goody bags for Halloween parties or Fall Festivals is an easy way to thank guests. You can go with just regular M&M’s or mix flavors together for a more fun parting favor. We definitely recommend using the Pumpkin Pie flavors for this. Or, make a trail mix out of dried fruit, nuts, and colored plain M&M’s for a salty and sweet snack.

Finally, add some color to your fall baked goods with bulk M&M’s. Cookies, cupcakes, and brownies are a little more festive with some color to them! Your baked goods will stand out at parties, office gatherings, and the fall bake sale by using a couple handfuls of M&M’s in your baking.

Recipes You Can Make With Hershey Candy Bars

Chocolate Is Used in Many Desserts | BlairCandy.comDo you already have a bag of Halloween themed candy bars in your pantry? Not ready to put them out for the holiday? Don’t want to start eating them one by one, but really want to indulge in your favorite Hershey treat? Here’s a solution the whole family will love: Hershey Bar baked goods! Make a dessert with the candy bars in your pantry to either make room for the upcoming trick-or-treat haul or to snack without the guilt of breaking into Halloween candy before it’s time. Here are three recipes that we think everyone will enjoy before Halloween:

Loaded Candy Bar Brownies: Brownie mix and chopped up candy bars. How much easier can it get? What’s great is you can customize these to have as many or as little candy as you’d like and you can add any candy you’d like! See the recipe at the I Heart Nap Time blog here.

Chocolate Bark: This is a dessert that not only kids love, but adults will find themselves snacking on it more too! This is a great snack for potlucks and book club meetings during the Halloween months, because of how easy it is! See how it’s made on the Miss Candiquik blog here.

Candy Bar Trifle: If you really are looking to give people a sugar rush, this trifle is how to do it. Packed with layer upon layer of brownie, pudding, whipped topping, and candy pieces, it covers all of the sweet bases. Get the recipe at the Lil Luna blog here.

Candy Bar Fondue: This one takes a little more effort, however the payoff is completely delicious. Dip fruit, cake bits, and more into this delicious chocolate, caramel fondue for a memorable dessert. See what you need for this recipe on The Magical Slowcooker Blog here.

Stock up on all of the wholesale Hershey’s candy bars you need for recipes and Halloween at! We have a major selection on all of the full and fun sized treats you need for the holiday season. Shop now and start indulging in your favorite Hershey bars today!

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