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New Products: Gummy Candy in Bulk for Halloween

Halloween Gummy Candies | BlairCandy.comGummy candy is a big staple of Halloween. It can be made to look super spooky or even gross and gory. Because of how much gummy candy you tend to go through during the Halloween season, Blair Candy has a wide variety of gummy candy in bulk! Use for games, pack goody bags, and thrill trick-or-treaters with a cool bag of gummies. Here’s what you should try this season:

Gummy Worms: Can you have Halloween without gummy worms? We don’t think so! Get a five-pound bag of either sour or regular gummy worms for your recipes or for snacking on this creepy crawly favorite.

Gummy Eyeballs: Even those with the most adventurous of tastes will take a second look at these gummies! These are perfect for decorating cupcakes and cookies if you have some extra from filling up your favorite candy dish.

Gummy Body Parts: Creep out your party guests with this mix of gummy body parts. Snack on fingers, teeth, brains, and bones for a spooky treat. Kids tend to have a fun time with these mixes, as they can assemble their own monsters and zombies.

Sour Bats, Cats, and Rats: Looking for something a little less creepy? The sour mix of bats, cats, and rats by Trolli may be what you are looking for. This mix has assorted flavors and is ready for the the Halloween party.

Which are you excited to try? Shop all of our creepy gummy candies today at

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