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M&M’s in Bulk Are the Most Versatile Candy of Fall

A Bag of Orange M&M's | BlairCandy.comWhat do you think is the most versatile candy for Fall? We don’t know about you, but we think M&M’s are one of the best candies year round, but especially during fall. Everyone loves this simple, yet totally delicious candy. Plus, it comes in so many colors, making it easy to customize for the occasion. Whether you’re wanting a bit of chocolate, or you want to try one of the many seasonal flavors, M&M’s are the candy to look for. But other than eating them straight out of the package, what else should you try with M&M’s in bulk this year?

First, make easy decorations with this colorful treat. Use as filler apothecary jars, themed candy dishes, and candy dispensers around the house. For a fall mix, we recommend mixing orange, red, and yellow colored pieces together. For a more Halloween color scheme, try light green, orange, purple, and black candies. However, there are no guarantees that a few might be missing by the time you pack up your decorations…

Next, taking the colored mixes and making easy goody bags for Halloween parties or Fall Festivals is an easy way to thank guests. You can go with just regular M&M’s or mix flavors together for a more fun parting favor. We definitely recommend using the Pumpkin Pie flavors for this. Or, make a trail mix out of dried fruit, nuts, and colored plain M&M’s for a salty and sweet snack.

Finally, add some color to your fall baked goods with bulk M&M’s. Cookies, cupcakes, and brownies are a little more festive with some color to them! Your baked goods will stand out at parties, office gatherings, and the fall bake sale by using a couple handfuls of M&M’s in your baking.

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