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Have You Tried These New Kit Kat Bars for Halloween?

A Bag of Glow-in-the-Dark Kit Kats for Halloween | BlairCandy.comWe all know that Kit Kat bars are a staple in any Halloween candy haul. But this year, don’t stock up on just any Kit Kat bars. You have to try these new varieties of Kit Kat Halloween candy! We suggest you get a bag (or more!) of at least one of these new variations:

Kit Kat Dark: Dark chocolate fans will absolutely love these Kit Kat bars. Instead of its normal milk chocolate coating, the wafer candy is coated with a dark chocolate layer instead. This adds a dark new twist to this delicious candy! Definitely try one of these with a hot cup of coffee…we guarantee you”ll love it!

Kit Kat Halloween Orange: We love when candies change up their appearance for holidays! These Kit Kats decided to be more festive and have an orange coating instead of its usual milk chocolate. This is a white chocolate coating, so it still tastes about the same as its original counterpart.

Kit Kat Glow in the Dark: We know what you’re thinking…glow-in-the-dark candy? As cool as that would be, this is the next best thing! A regular, super delicious Kit Kat bar, but this time with a neat glow-in-the-dark wrapper.

Which do you think you’ll run out of first? Be sure to try all of these and stock up before Halloween is over! Shop these Kit Kats and plenty of other festive candies today at!

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