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Gummy Worms: Three Recipes to Try

A Pile of Gummy Worms | BlairCandy.comGummy worms and Halloween go hand and hand, so you have to something with these creepy crawly treats to your fall celebration! Whether you use the sour variety or stick with the classic fruit flavors, you can make delicious treats that everyone will love. Need a few ideas? Here’s some recipes to get you started.

Gummy Worm Punch: In addition to the gummy worms, all you need is some 7-Up, apple juice, and ice to make a delicious, fruity punch. You can add as many, or as little gummy worms as you’d like. See how to make it on the Musings from Kim blog here.

Dirt Pudding: An absolute Halloween classic. You can make this either as individual cups, a whole cake, or as a trifle. Brush up on the recipe here on Shari’s Blog here.

Jello Cups: Green jello can be extra creepy during Halloween, so why not add gummy works to it? See how these cool desserts are made on the Lil Luna blog here.

Halloween Trail Mix: Make sure everyone has enough energy for trick-or-treating with this monster trail mix! Mix in gummy worms, candy eyeballs, popcorn, and chocolate chips for a delicious grab and go treat. See how to make it and download a fun printable tag on the From Play Dates to Parties blog here.

What will you make with Halloween’s favorite candy? Stock up on gummy candy in bulk, including gummy worms and creepy gummy candy on!

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