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Halloween Popcorn Balls Are the Perfect October Treat

An Orange Box of Wrapped Halloween Popcorn Balls | BlairCandy.comYou know Halloween was made for tasty treats. Part of the fun of autumn is discovering all the new candies and other snacks that are released just in time for Halloween. The Halloween-themed foods are the most exciting to try, since you can enjoy some yourself and then pass them out to others as Halloween giveaways.

If you’re looking for some exciting and tasty autumn candy, you’ll want to give Halloween popcorn balls a chance this season. These flavorful snacks fit easily into the palm of your hand. The main ingredient is none other than fresh popcorn, which is compressed into a ball and coated with sugar.

The result is a uniquely sweet and salty popcorn snack that is sure to stand out from the rest of your Halloween candy. Chocolates and other sugary candies have been Halloween favorites for a long time, but why not be different with your Halloween treats this year?

Halloween popcorn balls from Kathy Kaye Foods come in boxes containing 24 individual popcorn balls. Each ball packs irresistible flavor and only 110 calories. Distribute them to trick-or-treaters on Halloween or set them out as candy favors at your Halloween party.

Halloween is on the way, and you’ll need snacks. Order Halloween popcorn balls from

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