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For a Sweet Halloween Snack, Enjoy Snickers in Bulk

Box of Pumpkin-Shaped Snickers Halloween Candy in Bulk | BlairCandy.comWhen you try to think of your favorite candy bar, several names probably float through your head. Hershey’s, Milky Way, or 3 Musketeers, perhaps? Did you know that Snickers bars are usually ranked as the best-selling candy bar in the world? These bars of nougat, peanuts, and caramel covered in milk chocolate are popular for a reason. But how much do you really know about Snickers? Here are some interesting facts about this unbelievably tasty candy bar:

Snickers were invented in 1930. Frank Mars of the Mars, Inc., candy company invented Snickers chocolate bars in 1930. He named it after one of his favorite horses.

Snickers bars were once sold as double bars. For a brief period in the mid-1930s, two Snickers bars were packed into every wrapper and called “Double Snickers.”

Approximately 15 million Snickers bars are made every day. That includes about 100 tons of peanuts.

Factory conveyor belts form the zig-zag line patterns on the bottoms of Snickers bars.

Snickers sponsored the 1984 Summer Olympics. Snickers bars were the official snack food of the 1984 Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles.

As you can see, Snickers bars have been around for a while and have remained popular since they were invented. You know you’ll need Snickers in bulk at Halloween and every other candy-giving holiday. It never hurts to have a supply of Snickers bars around, since you know you and your family will always want more than one.

You can order your Halloween Snickers in bulk at

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