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Don’t Be Afraid to Be Original with Retro Halloween Candy

Mike and Ike Sour-Licious Zours in Zombies Variety | BlairCandy.comThings change fast in the modern world. Technology, trends, and popular holiday traditions can all go by the wayside the moment something new comes along. However, every so often, it’s fun to return to the old ways. We might play antiquated video games, wear old clothes, or enjoy food we haven’t eaten since we were children. Doing this can generate feelings of nostalgia in those who remember the originals.

“Classic” paraphernalia isn’t always available to us, but many people remain interested in and committed to the old ways of doing things. This Halloween, you don’t have to be one of the crowd who consistently distributes popular candies such as Reese’s Cups or Snickers to trick-or-treaters. Dare to be original with some retro Halloween candy that is sure to draw attention in kids’ Halloween bags at the end of the night.

You yourself may not remember when Mike and Ike candy was released in 1940, but it remains a delicious sugary treat to this day. For Halloween, you’ll want to hand out boxes of Mike and Ike Zours Zombies, which are delightfully scary. Also consider Halloween-themed Necco Wafers. Each roll of wafers is packaged as a Halloween monster, ghost, or vampire. Necco Wafers are a particularly apt choice when selecting retro Halloween candy to distribute, since they were first manufactured in 1847.

Give your treat-or-treaters some nostalgic candy to discover this Halloween. After all, these candies are classics for a reason. You might just spark some interest in other retro foods at the same time. You can order retro Halloween candy at

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