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Get Ready for Back to School with Hershey Candy Bars!

Box of Hershey's Candy Bars | BlairCandy.comIt’s almost time for back to school, and what’s a better lunch surprise than a Hershey’s candy bar! Kids of all ages will be delighted to find a candy bar in their lunch. Whether you add a full sized bar or a couple fun sized bars to snack on throughout the day, Hershey’s has something for every lunch box. These are the candies you definitely have to stock up on:

Milk Chocolate Bar: A timeless candy bar. Just be sure you have an ice pack in the lunchbox to keep it from melting!

Cookies & Cream Bar: This white chocolate candy bar is packed with cookies and is ready for snack time. We also recommend an ice cold milk box to go with this one.

Hershey’s Kisses: Is your child one for sharing their lunch? A handful of Hershey’s Kisses can make a lot of friends at the lunch table!

Kit Kat Bars: Crispy, crunchy, and very chocolatey, this bar is a lunch time staple. You’ll really make your child’s day if you throw a full sized Kit Kat bar in their lunchbox!

Reese’s Cup: Just be sure your child’s classroom doesn’t have any peanut allergies! If it isn’t, a Reese’s Big Cup will be a welcomed addition to lunchtime.

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