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Can You Taste The Difference Between These Sugar Free Candies?

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Pecans | BlairCandy.comMany think that sugar free candies usually mean that they taste drastically different from their full sugar counterparts. This definitely isn’t the case! Sugar free candies taste incredibly similar, if not exactly like the originals. Want to find out for yourself? Here’s three we recommend when making the switch to sugar free candy:

Dubble Bubble Gum: We guarantee you won’t be able to tell the difference between regular bubble gum and Dubble Bubble Gum! This gum is a classic that has that bubble gum taste, just without all of the sugar.

Gummy Candies: From gummy fish to gummy bears, the sugar free versions taste remarkably close to their full sugar family members. We also have sugar free peach rings for another sugar free take on a fan favorite candy.

Jolly Ranchers: What Jolly Rancher flavor is your favorite? Chances are your favorite tastes just as good as a sugar free version. Put these in your candy dish at work and we’re sure that your coworkers will love these as much as the others.

What’s your favorite sugar free candy? Find it and other sugar free options today at

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