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Make Candy Pacifier Party Favors in 4 Easy Steps!

Baby shower favors can be tricky. You want to give your guests something they’ll love but something that’s also very on-theme. We have a perfect idea that’s sure to get your guests buzzing – and it’s a fun craft, too!

A baby pacifier made of Lifesavers mints and gumdrops is sure to get guests talking (and is guaranteed to get quite a few photo snaps!). Here’s how to make them:

  1. Gather together Lifesavers mints, gum drops, prepared royal icing, a piping bag with a small tip, and ribbon. We offer both gumdrops and Lifesavers mints in bulk to help you save on this project!
  2. Fill the piping bag with the prepared royal icing and use a small dot of icing to attach two Lifesavers mints together in a T-shape (one mint stacked on top of the other, with the side of one touching the center opening of the other)
  3. Next, use another dot of royal icing to secure a gum drop to the top of the T-shape (the gumdrop should be centered over the opening of the top mint). Let dry for several hours.
  4. Thread a ribbon through the bottom mint and tie into a decorative bow. Hang from a favor tree, peg board, or display on tables.

Such a cute idea! Want to see a step by step tutorial? Check out this great walkthrough (complete with pictures!) from Crystal & Co.

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