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Chewing Gum in Bulk Makes this Science Project Easy!

If you’re a teacher that’s looking for a fun science class project, let Blair candy help with our selection of chewing gum in bulk! Have you ever wondered which brand of bubble gum makes the biggest or strongest bubble? Test it with your class by ordering a selection of our chewing gum in bulk and then measuring. Here’s how this project works:

Which Gum Blows the Biggest Bubble?

girl with bubble gum bubble

-You’ll need: a variety of bubble gums (3 brands will do!), a ruler for measuring the bubble size, a piece of paper, and pen or pencil. Blair Candy can help with the 3 brands of chewing gum in bulk!

-Start by making a table on the sheet of paper that lists the bubble gum brand and then has open spots for at least 3 trials. You’ll be measuring each gum bubble size 3 times and then finding the average to see which one produces the best average.

-Once you have your data table, make a hypothesis or prediction as to which gum may produce the biggest bubble and why.

-Chew each brand of bubble gum individually for a few minutes ot soften it. Blow a bubble and when you think it’s at its biggest size without popping, have a friend measure the diameter of the bubble. Record your findings in the table.

-Repeat each brand of gum 2 more times until each brand has been tested a total of 3 times and the bubble sizes are all recorded. Take an average from each brand of gum and then see if the gum with the largest average matches your hypothesis.

As you do the project, talk about ingredients in gum that make it stretchy and how different types of gum (chewing gum vs. bubble gum) may produce different results. No matter which brand does the best, your students will have a fun activity to explore.

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