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Three Easter Gifts for Reese’s Candy Lovers

Whether you’re snacking on a Reese’s Cup or a handful of Reese’s Pieces, there is no mistaking that classic peanut butter flavor. That’s why many look forward to finding some Reese’s candy in their Easter Baskets. Instead of just going with the classic cups or pieces, consider adding these to your Reese’s lover’s baskets:

Reese’s Candy | Easter Candy | Reese’s Pieces Eggs: What’s more adorable and delicious than a carton of Reese’s Eggs? Each carton has candy coated eggs with Reese’s Pieces filling. These also make great toppings for Easter cupcakes or trail mixes.

Giant Eggs: We’ve all wanted more than just one, small Reese’s Egg in our baskets. This pack delivers on that peanut buttery goodness. Each package has two giant Reese’s Eggs inside. We won’t judge if you keep them all to yourself!

Reese’s 1lb Bunny: No other chocolate bunny will do once you take a bite of this bunny! Each bunny weighs around 1lb and is packed with peanut butter filling. We recommend getting one per basket because there is no way the recipient is going to share once they get their hands on this bunny!

Find these and plenty of other Reese’s candy treats for Easter on Just be sure to get all of your treats in time for Easter!

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