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Crazy Facts about Peeps Marshmallow Candy

Peeps Marshmallow Candy |

Who doesn’t love Peeps Marshmallow Candy? This once-a-year Easter candy has expanded to be available for every major holiday. It has also expanded to flavored Peeps that can be found at certain times of the year. Regardless of favorite flavors or shapes, this classic candy has been around since 1953. Here are more fun facts about this iconic candy:

– It used to take over 24 hours to create just one marshmallow chick! Thankfully, the process now takes six minutes.

– Peep chicks used to have wings! They were removed from the candy in the late 1950’s.

– The yellow and white colors were the original colors, while pink, lavender, green, and blue colors.

– There are contests to see who can make the coolest creations with Peeps around the country.

– Every year, Just Born (the creator of Peeps) makes enough Peeps candies to circle the year twice every season.

If these facts have you hungry for Peeps, go to Blair! There you can find all of your favorite shapes, flavors, and colors of Peeps in one place. Shop today and enjoy your Easter Peeps all season long.

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