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Easter Candy Trivia You May Not Have Known

How much do you know about your favorite Easter candies? We’ve talked about the history of Peeps in our previous blog, but let’s check out some other fun facts about classic Easter treats:

Bulk Easter Candy | -Sorry, Christmas;  the second most candy-selling holiday is Easter. Halloween is the most selling candy holiday.

-In addition to 700 million Peeps, 1.5 million Cadbury Eggs, 90 million chocolate Easter Bunnies, and 16 billion jelly beans are made for the Easter holiday.

-Speaking of jelly beans, these candy treats were first introduced during the Civil War. They didn’t become an Easter treat until the 1930’s.

-Over 75% of Americans say they eat their chocolate bunnies ‘ears first.’ Also, many prefer solid chocolate bunnies over hollow chocolate bunnies.

-The famous White House Easter Egg Roll made its debut in 1878. Rutherford B Hayes was the president in office.

-M&M’s joined in the Easter fun in the 1980’s with pastel-colored shells.

-In 2011, the record for the largest Easter egg was recorded. This egg weighed nearly 16,000 lbs and was 34ft high!

Did those Easter candy facts make you hungry? Order your bulk Easter candy today on! You’ll find all of your favorites, both classic and new, to celebrate the holiday season.

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