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Old Fashioned Hard Christmas Candy & Snacks Make the Season Bright!

Old Fashioned Hard Christmas Candy |

There is a certain fondness we have for vintage items at the holidays. Tartan plaid dresses, vinyl records of holiday hits, red ribbons, heirloom Christmas dinner plates, and of course, nostalgic candies that let us walk back down memory lane. You can’t beat the taste of old-fashioned Christmas candy. And the test of time lets it show: we still see bags and boxes of candy from our childhood on store shelves.

Maybe you remember running to the corner store with your parents or friends in tow. On the way, you might have passed a toy store with the latest train model in the window only to press your nose to the glass for a second before buying a handful (or two!) of penny candy. Or maybe you remember sitting beneath the Christmas tree with your brothers and sisters, surrounded by wrapping paper as you unwrapped the old fashioned hard Christmas candy you found in your stockings. You felt the magic of the season – and then you celebrated it with a little something sweet. Old fashioned hard Christmas candy or snacks can take you back in time and make those memories feel even sweeter.

The right treat for your holiday season is always easy to find at Blair Candy and we love using our taste buds as a time machine! You’ll always find a great selection of

old fashioned Christmas hard candy, popcorn balls, and other timeless treats when you shop with us.

We have favorites like Washburn’s mixture of either regular hard or cut rock variety. These pieces are so colorful and full of holiday spirit! They rattled inside their glass containers and almost looked like miniature toys in our Christmas memories. If we were good, our parents would give us a small paper bag full of treats to enjoy all the way up to Christmas morning!

Maybe you remember making popcorn garlands for the Christmas tree, wrapping each branch in a hand-strung treat that was fun and festive! Popcorn balls can remind us of how the pops sounded – and how those crunchy popcorn leftovers tasted when our task was complete. Or maybe you built a gingerbread house that looked cozy (and delicious), You dotted the roof with old fashioned jellies like Jelly Bells. There were icing windows and a graham cracker door. You couldn’t help but smile when you finished!In our stockings, you may have had candy canes, hard candy ribbons, or even gift of candy coal. (If we were really, really good Santa would even toss in a few Tootsie Pops!). Mom and Dad opened a box of Cella’s chocolate covered cherries, and everyone enjoyed the special day together.

We all remember these moments because of the love we share among sweets and smiles. This holiday season, take the time to create similar memories with your friends and family with a taste of old fashioned Christmas candy favorites. What’s your favorite old fashioned candy for the holidays? What candy memories do you have at Christmastime?

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