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New Halloween Parade Candy to Try

Halloween Parade Candy |

As you have probably seen by now there are TONS of treats at for Halloween. While you might stick to your all time favorites, we always encourage trying new treats to add to the mix. When you’re placing an order for your favorites, consider trying one of these Halloween parade candy treats:

Boo Bling not only tastes great, but looks ghoulishly cool too. Each piece is made up of different flavors for a delicious new piece of jewelry.

These Pumpkin Lollipops are HUGE! Packed with orange flavor, these pops are almost too cute to eat.

Hershey’s Cookies & Cream skulls are delicious and ready for any candy dish. They have pretty skull designs on every wrapper for an extra touch of Halloween.

There is plenty of Halloween parade candy treats aside from these! Try one or more of these today by visiting Regardless of what you try, you’ll find that they go great with your all time Halloween candy favorites.

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