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Retro Halloween Candy to Share with Your Kids

Retro Halloween Candy | Necco has some of our all-time candy favorites, so it’s only natural that we love their Halloween candy. That’s why we recommend sharing it with your kids! While we love newer candy, you can beat retro Halloween candy. Here are three Halloween versions of classic Necco candies that you should definitely introduce to their Halloween candy haul this year.

There’s something everyone will love in a package of Necco Wafers! Each wafer has its own flavor ranging from fruity, cinnamon, wintergreen, licorice, and chocolate. These Halloween candy packs are all dressed up for the occasion too making them more fun to try.

If your trick or treater loves anything peanut butter, then they’ll probably be a fan of these Mary Jane candies. Whether they choose the Peanut Butter Kisses or the original Mary Jane candies with molasses, they’re sure to get a sweet and very peanut buttery surprise. They’ll also love how chewy these candies are.

Be sure to try these and other retro Halloween candy with your family for a delicious and festive time. There’s plenty of retro and new Halloween candy for you to pick up at Grab yours today before the Halloween rush!

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