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Other Treats to Give Out at Halloween

Halloween Treats | Halloween is all about candy, right? While we love our sweet, sugary treats, you can always change things up and give out something more memorable this Halloween. But what else do you give out other than the standard Halloween candy? We’ve got a couple ideas for you:

Halloween Popcorn Balls: These are a classic fall treat! Popcorn balls have all of the crunchy, sugary, and salty flavors that trick-or-treaters are looking for in their treat bags. They’re individually wrapped and ready to hand out.

Cotton Candy: Everyone loves cotton candy, so these will be a hit with trick-or-treaters. Make your house the one to stop by with a bag of classic or flavored cotton candy. Charms cotton candy in particular is peanut, gluten, and fat free. This is a great option to make sure kids with certain allergies are included in the fun.

Mini Water Bottles: If you plan on handing out candy, but want to add something extra for trick-or-treaters and their parents, mini bottles of water are a great option. Make sure they’re refreshed and ready to get more candy around the neighborhood by sticking a cooler in front of your door.

There is plenty of Halloween goodies for you to mix and match on! Try combinations like Halloween Popcorn Balls, traditional chocolate Halloween candy, and so much more for a delicious holiday. Check out the full stock today to plan your candy haul.

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