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Introducing Halloween Peeps with Fall Flavors: And Recipes!

Halloween Peeps and Recipes |

It’s weird to think of Peeps as just an Easter candy since they’ve expanded into other holidays over the years. Blair Candy keeps up with all of the new Peeps, so we have new Halloween Peeps to introduce to you. From the classic sugary marshmallow to new fall flavors, there’s plenty of Peeps to go around!

If you are just looking for the classic, marshmallow Peep, we definitely recommend the Peep pumpkins, ghosts, or monsters. These Halloween Peeps are the same consistency as the Easter bunnies and chicks and have the sweet, sugar coating on them too. These are also great to decorate Halloween dessert crafts with.

If you’re looking for a novelty candy for the holiday, then you should try the fall flavored Peep chicks! They come in candy corn, caramel apple, and pumpkin spice to capture the season. Each of these Peeps are also dipped in caramel or white chocolate for another layer of flavor.

There is plenty of fall and Halloween candy up for grabs right now on Be sure to get yours today before everyone else gets them and supplies run out.

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