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Halloween Parade Candy You Should Have This Year

Halloween Parade Candy |

If you think that parade candy is only for parades, think again! Halloween parade candy is great for large events and parties due to volume and selection. Blair Candy has plenty of bulk Halloween candy on hand for parades and events to make sure everyone gets enough in their treat bag. Not sure which candies you should have on hand? These are a few that should be real crowd pleasers:

Frooties are a classic, chewy candy by Tootsie Roll. They come in tons of flavors, like grape, chocolate, and cherry limeade, making them perfect because there is sure to be a flavor for everyone. Did we also mention having a bunch of them makes your candy bowl look really colorful?

Fun sized, or mini candy bars are a must. While fruity treats are nice, everyone wants to find come chocolate in their candy haul. We recommend the classics such as Snickers, Reese’s, and M&M’s for your parade or event. These are the candies that are most popular!

Finally, have some novelty candy on hand. These can be a great surprise because of how silly or spooky they can be. For a less scary treat, consider candy corn or candy pumpkins. Or, if you’d rather have something spooky, consider peanut butter eyeballs or chocolate skulls.

Stock up on your Halloween parade candy today to make sure you have plenty for your parade or event! Having a mix of candies like these on hand can make your Halloween celebration more special. Check out our parade candy selection today for a great mix of your own.

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