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It’s Shark Week!

Shark Novelty Candy |

It’s Shark Week! Before you head to your TV to watch all of the cool shows that are on this week, make sure you have tons of snacks to keep you tied over. We have tons of gummy candies and other novelty candy to really take a bite out of your show viewing menu. Here’s some suggestions for snacks you should have on hand while watching:

Gummy Sharks: If you love gummy candies, then you definitely should get a bag of these. Choose from either blue gummy sharks or colorful gummy sharks for a delicious gummy treat!

Shark Bite Lollipops: Play with this fun shark toy while watching the commercials and enjoy the lollipop inside them during the program! They come in a couple styles and flavors so everyone finds one they like.

Sea Critter Gummies: There are other sea creatures seen during Shark Week too! This box of gummies has sea turtles, seahorses, crabs, and octopi to snack on while you’re watching. They’re also individually wrapped so you can enjoy them after the festivities too.

See these and other novelty candy treats today so you can celebrate Shark Week anytime! Shop now at and be sure to tag us on social media if you make anything cool with your shark candy.

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