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Spice up your Candy Buffet with these Unique Gummy Candies!

Wholesale Candy | BlairCandy.comThey are fun, colorful, and come in a variety of flavors. We’re talking about gummy candy! Because of these reasons, every candy buffet needs some cool gummy candy treats to spice things up. Blair Candy has tons of wholesale candy, including the gummy kind, to make your candy buffet extra special. Here’s what we recommend:

Gummi Strawberries – First off, if you’re looking for cute display filler, this is a clear winner. These little strawberries add a sweet cream twist to an already delicious berry.

Gummi Sharks – If you’re going with any type of nautical or tropical theme, you definitely need to add this. These sharks have a cool blue color with an equally unique taste.

Gummy Frogs – Colorful frogs make any table 100% more fun. These frogs also have two flavors, so you’ll get a different combo every time you take a bite.

Extra Large Gummy Bear – Need a centerpiece to your table? These giant gummy bears come in a variety of flavors and will have everyone wanting to take this gummy home.

Find these and other crazy candies at Their wholesale candy collection will fit your budget and theme for every event. Shop now to grab your new favorites before the party is over!

Novelty Candy Perfect for Party Favors!

Novelty Candy | BlairCandy.comPlanning a birthday party can have a lot of moving parts. Ordering a cake, finding decorations, coming up with activities, and of course the party favors. Let Blair Candy help out in planning with our huge selection of novelty candy. Our candy finds make the perfect party favor! While we have a huge variety in a number of characters and flavors, here are some we really love:

Wacky Monkey Candy – This candy-filled tube is topped with a silly monkey! It’s perfect for parties at the zoo or a jungle themed event.

Pez Dispensers – Who doesn’t love a Pez Dispenser? Find the theme of your child’s party, or their favorite characters in bulk boxes. Just add them to the bag and you’re done!

Candy Blocks – Kids go crazy for this candy! Every child can have their own box and they’ll have fun playing with it.

Gummi Lunch Bag – This super fun snack will make anyone smile. It’s packed with plenty of gummy goodies for kids to share when they leave the party or keep for themselves.

This is just the beginning of the fun. Check out Blair Candy’s huge selection of novelty candy that is ready to party! Shop now to start choosing the perfect party favor.

Have you Tried These Movie Theater Candy Boxes??

Movie Theater Candy | BlairCandy.comEveryone has a favorite candy when they go to the movies. But when you bring movie night home, you can open up the possibilities for even cooler candies. Blair Candy has all of your movie theater favorites, along with new movie theater candy you haven’t seen before! Here’s a few that we think could be winners for your next film:

Sour Dots: This classic movie candy has gone sour! Each Dot has a layer of sour sugar that will spice up movie night.

Butterfinger Bites: Take the crunch and taste of Butterfingers bite sized with this box! This box is packed with bite sized squares of this delicious candy bar.

Jolly Rancher Gummies: You heard us right! The Jolly Rancher hard candies you love just in a chewy gummy form.

There are plenty of twists on your favorite movie theater candy at Shop all types of movie theater treats, including gummy candy, retro sweets, and even bubble gum. You’ll find the candy you love and prices you will love even more. Shop now, and start planning your next movie night!

Star Wars Novelty Candy is Here!

Novelty Candy | BlairCandy.comMay 4th is this week and we have some festive treats to celebrate Star Wars Day! From Jelly Beans, Pez Dispensers, and even lollipops, choose from a variety of novelty candy with your favorite characters! Here are some of the ones we really love:

Star Wars Pez: Choose from a variety of characters to add to your Pez collection! Great for gift bags, stockings, or just because you’ll have fun with these cool treats.

Jelly Beans: Who doesn’t love Jelly Belly Jelly Beans? This bag of sparkling flavors is sure to have you wanting more.

Projector Pops: This isn’t your average lollipop! The containers these pops are packed in project some of your favorite characters when you press the button.

Celebrate Star Wars Day every day with this collection of candies. Shop novelty candy now at for all of your favorite characters, including Star Wars.


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