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Tips for Your Candy Buffet

Candy in Bulk | So you want to have a candy buffet for your next event? Great choice! Candy buffets are not only very visually appealing, but they also give your guests a place to mingle and snack, as well as give them a treat to take home. But what should you know before buying your candy in bulk?

Measure. There is a science to it! Experts say you should plan for about a half pound of candy per guest. The more guests you have, the more unwrapped candy in bulk you should buy. And for individually wrapped candies, plan for one full sized bar per guest.

Mix It Up. Depending on how many guests, you should have a variety of types of candy. When planning for under 80 guests, try about four to five types. For a head count over 80 plan for about seven to eight types of candy. Remember, you can also add other sweets, like cookies, macarons, and cupcakes to your candy bar, which can cut down on the types of sweets you have to get.

Visual Appeal. Mix up the type of containers you use to display your candies. Choose from apothecary jars, bowls, platters, and tiered trays to hold treats. Just make sure guests can easily access them.

Regardless of what kind of candies you choose, by taking the time to plan your buffet, you can create one that is visually appealing and appetizing! Find candy in bulk of all, shapes, sizes, and flavors at You’ll find cool candies to go with your display in no time!

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