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Celebrate Baseball Season with Baseball Candy!

Baseball Candy | BlairCandy.comWe’ve officially made it to spring and what a better way to celebrate than with baseball! While the pros are starting up, here’s your time to grab some snacks and baseball candy for the upcoming season. What should you bring to the game? This is what we recommend for the best watching experience:

Double Bubble Gum

An absolute classic! A few pieces go a long way, but make sure you have enough. You might be asked for a piece or two.

Chocolate Baseballs

Make sure you have cooler weather for this one. This fun take on a simple candy will make anyone smile.

Big League Chew

What else did you expect? You really can’t have baseball without bubble gum, and this kind was specifically made for the sport!

If you aren’t a fan of any of these, try some of the other treats in our baseball candy inventory. We have plenty for the ballpark or for when you’re watching the game from home. Shop now at and get to the game!

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