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How much candy would you purchase with $4 million?

Yesterday in Virginia, a man named Mike Murphy purchased a PayDay candy bar on a whim.. While at the counter, he decided to also purchase a $100 Million Cash Extravaganza ticket from the Virginia Lottery – and that ticket turned out to be a “pay day” too. When he scratched the ticket, he discovered he’d won the game’s top prize of $4 million.

Our question is, how much candy would you purchase with $4 million? Here’s some suggestions:

– 4 million 1.55 oz bags of Hershey Kisses

– 3,007,519 rolls of Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

– 1 million pounds of Brach’s Salt Water Taffy

– 1,333,333 pounds of Swedish Fish

– 4,301,075 rock candy crystal sticks

– 192,000,000 Frooties or Midgees Tootsie Rolls

Ways to Celebrate Chocolate Day

Did you know that International Chocolate Day is on July 7th? Its a whole day devoted to that delicious cocoa-based confection! And since chocolate comes from cacao beans that grow on a tree, that means its healthy… right?

Here are some fun ways to celebrate Chocolate Day:

– Enjoy chocolate chip pancakes or waffles for breakfast, along with a mocha frappucino or latte
– Visit local chocolate factories or stores
– Enjoy chocolate-dipped fruit at lunchtime, or a chocolate milkshake
– Research fun chocolate facts (Did you know Hershey’s Chocolate Company was found in 1894, after Milton S. Hershey’s two previous candy companies had failed?)
– Wear brown clothing
– Try some chocolate crafts, such as making chocolate bowls
– Tell others that its International Chocolate Day!

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