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What To Do with Your Leftover Halloween Candy

Not sure what to do with the endless piles of candy you’re left with after Halloween? Eating it is obviously a great option (especially on November 4th, National Candy Day!), but things can get boring once you’ve reached your 100th bag of peanut M&M’s. Try giving your leftover Halloween candy new life with these ideas:

Add it to other treats: Chop up your Kit Kats and Reese’s Cups to add them to ice cream or cookies, or mix in your M&M’s with your trail mix. You can even add them to your morning pick-me-up – Butterfinger Frappucino, anyone?

Freeze it: Stick your leftover candy in the freezer to save them as accessories for your gingerbread house this season.

Donate it: Participate in the Halloween Candy Buyback to brighten the day of an American Hero.

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