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Spotlight on Sour Patch Candy: A Fiesta of Fruity Goodness!

There are many high-profile families whose names we are all quite familiar with, from the Clintons to the Kardashians. But there’s another family flying a bit below the radar that you have probably been enjoying for many years without giving much thought to their sweet and sour stronghold on the candy corner. Yes, they have been earning devoted fans and followers, making enough fuss to get noticed, but keeping things scandal-free to avoid the paparazzi. What is this fiercely powerful family, you ask? The Sour Patch family of treats, of course!

We don’t hear too much about the Sour Patch parents, but those Sour Patch Kids are quite popular! Yet, while they may be the stars of the sour show, they alone do not run the Sour Patch family. Here’s a few other power players in the Patch…

Sour Patch Blue Raspberry: There’s nothing these bumpy, berry-flavored candies love more than a good party! If anyone is going to get the Sour Patch family on the cover of the tabloids, it’s probably Blue Raspberries. But they aren’t too concerned about this wild child, because just like all the others, they’re as sweet as they are sour.

Sour Patch Watermelons: If the ‘Kids’ were kept out of the competition, these would be the strongest contender for ‘Most Popular’. Wedge-shaped watermelon-flavored wonderfuls, they’re my personal Sour Patch top pick.

Sour Patch Cherries: These ‘pop ‘em in your mouth’ sour cherry gummies are as tasty as cherry candy gets, with a fresh, fruity flavor that lasts from sour beginning to oh-so-sweet finish. Even people who aren’t big fans of cherry candy keep coming back for these, as their flavor isn’t overpowering in the least.

Sour Patch Fruit Salad: These are the crowd-pleaser of the Sour Patch family, with a little something for everyone! Flavors include orange, cherry, lemon, lime, watermelon and grape. Eat two at a time for fun flavor combos, or let each shine on its own. There’s no wrong way to eat this marvelous mix!

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