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The Sentimental Parent's Essential Summer Camp Checklist

Yes, summer is just around the corner! Only a few months more and school will be out for another sun-soaked summer. Part of the joy of summer, for both parents and their children, is the fun and excitement of summer camp. With excursions lasting from a few days to the entire summer long, this is the right time to start planning what you’ll purchase and pack to send the little ones on their way – with sweet pizzazz!

After all, what self-respecting mom or dad forgets the things like toothbrushes and toothpaste? Aren’t you a little more worried about being the parent who forgets to send along those sweet little somethings, those comforting reminders from home that help soothe away the sorrow of homesickness and banishes the blues? Looking for a surefire way to bring smiles to faces? Just add a few secret treasures from your certain favorite bulk candy store in the luggage and you’re well on your way to earning your “World’s Greatest Parents” t-shirts.

Summer Essentials – Be a Bulk Candy Store in a Box!

Parents looking for summer camp brownie points should never underestimate the power of sweets! Whether you’ll be packing away your sweet treats or sending them as part of your care packages, parents who buy bulk candy can save time and money and help their kids make a lasting impression on their new pals. Here are a few other suggested items:

* Digital or disposable cameras (so they can hold onto mementos from their getaway)

* Letter writing supplies and stamps

* Comic books or magazines for late night reading

* Buy bulk candy that offers individual wrapping or packaging to prevent pest problems, like Tootsie Frooties and Taffy Town Taffy!

* Home-baked cookies or treats that can be shared with their dorm mates

* Stuffed animals or other comfort buddies

* Bug spray or bug spray wipes (again, extra to share would be great!)

* Cards, dice or other small games

What fun must-haves will be on you and your child’s summer camp checklist?

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