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Edible Easter Eggs With A Surprise Inside!

We recently saw a great Rice Krispies commercial with the fabulous suggestion of making moldable Rice Krispie treats into egg shapes, and then stuffing them with Easter candy goodies!  The idea called for tasty Easter M&M’s, but we had a few suggestions of our own:

– How about some pastel Skittles? Pick your favorite Easter colors.

– Not a fan of chocolate? Gummy bears, Swedish fish or Sour Patch Kids may do the trick.

– One of our very favorites is peanut butter, so bring on the Reese’s Pieces, please.

– Tic-tacs will also fit nicely, and are a fresh alternative to traditional Easter candy.

Candy Easter Eggs

– For the sports-oriented, make larger Krispie eggs and stuff them which chocolate baseballs, soccer balls, basketballs, or footballs. We have them all!

– Of course, you can never go wrong with a long-time favorite, Easter jelly beans!

– Do your loved ones have a sour tooth instead of a sweet one? Nerds are the answer.

– Want to taste the rainbow? Stuff your surprise eggs with Skittles.

Let your imagination run wild, and let the creative ideas flow. Fun and easy project for kids, too! (NOTE: Always be aware of choking hazards.)

Don’t forget to leave a special surprise Krispie egg for the Easter Bunny himself!

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