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Sweet Fashions that Look Good Enough to Nibble!

At, we eat, sleep and breathe candy – it isn’t only on Christmas Eve that we have visions of sweet treats dancing through our dreams! But for as many marvelous creations as we’ve enjoyed over the years, the times that we have worn candy are few and far between. Sure, we’ve all donned candy necklaces and Ring Pops at least ten times more often than most adults, but our clothing very rarely has a candy motif. We aren’t sure if this is because we get so much of the real stuff at work, or because candy-themed clothing is a newer trend on the scene. But whichever is the case, we’re excited to say we’re seeing it pop up more and more, which can only mean that more people are starting to see what we have been saying all along – candy is cute…and cool…and quite simply, fun to look at!

Want to up the sweetness of your own style? We’ve put together a short list of some of our candy fashion favorites. Hope you find something you love!

Sugar Skull Tee from – If you aren’t familiar with, a tee-focused division of the wildly popular deal-a-day site, you’re about to click your way to a new addiction! Each day features a new tee designed by creative peeps from all over the world, and for 24 hours you have the opportunity to make that tee your own for just $10, with free shipping. After that, if the tee remains popular enough, you will be able to purchase it for $15, with free shipping. Still a great deal, but not as great as $10! And $10 is exactly what you’ll pay if you make your way to right now and nab yourself today’s delicious design – Sugar Skull. A candy-themed play on a traditional skull tattoo, this fun and fresh design features graphics inspired by candy canes, Starlight Mints, Peeps, and a big, blingy Ring Pop! We’ve liked a lot of Woot! Shirts in our day, but this one is very high on the list of loves!

Candy Dots Knee High Socks – Wish you could treat your feet to something sweet? With these cool and colorful Dots socks you can! Aqua and white stripes set the foundation for a fabulous pair of novelty socks that show the world you love Dots candy from the tip-top of your head down to your toes!

Rainbow Nonpareils Necklace – Do you want to let the world know that while you’re a softie for something sweet, you’ve got a tough side, too? There’s no better way to do just that than wearing this cool and colorful ‘candy knuckles’ necklace. Who needs brass knuckles when there’s lightweight candy knuckles? Certainly not me! Be sure to check out some of the other sweet pieces in the Black Swan Accessories Etsy Shop for matching earrings and rings, among other things!

Know of any other candy fashions you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about them! Please leave a comment below so we can share the sweetness with all our readers. 🙂

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