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Perfect Candy to Pack for Summer Vacation!

For as delicious as the many mouthwatering varieties of chocolate bars are, discovering a Snickers at the bottom of your beach bag is more of an ‘ut-oh’ than a ‘yay!’ Unfortunately, not all the things we love get along as well as we would like them to, including chocolate and the hot summer sun. But that doesn’t mean your summer vacation need be sans sweets.

Whether you’re taking a road trip and want some tasty treats for the car, are beach-bound and want something to lazily enjoy as you soak up some sun, or are headed to any other number of vacation-worthy destinations, we have some cool candy ideas to consider taking along! It is important to remember that no candy is summer-proof, so use caution and consider the weather before heading out with candy in tow. If the temperature is climbing high enough, it may be best to keep your candy somewhere cool, dry and away from the sun, and enjoy it once you’re back at the hotel. 🙂

Twizzlers – Whether you’re sweet on strawberry, go bonkers for black, or choose cherry every time, Twizzlers makes for a tempting year-round treat that can stand the heat! It is also a low fat candy that’s loved by all ages, from toddlers to grandmas, making it a smart selection for family getaways where a snack with mass appeal will save you space and make packing a bit easier.

Single Wrapped Sour Patch Kids – Imagine regular-sized Sour Patch Kids had a teenage sibling, and you have a good idea of what to expect in our single wrapped Sour Patch Kids! Each oversized Kid is tucked inside its own clear wrapper keeping it clean and easy to toss in a beach bag, purse, or vacation-classic – fanny pack! Your bag is sure to be swimming with everything from sun block in varying SPFs to suit the whole family, to mountains of maps, brochures and loose change. The last thing you need to worry about is getting enough sand off the Sour Patch Kids to give them to the little ones! Keep ‘em clean and convenient with this vacation candy must-have.

Gummi Bear Rings – Think candy doesn’t get much better than gummy bears? Well…you’re half right. Gummy bears are tough to beat on the ‘fantastic classic’ front, but even candy that’s pretty perfect can be re-imagined into something even more fun. Case in point…gummi bear rings! With 100 fat free rings per box, these are sure to bring plenty of smiles all vacation long. Why simply eat a gummi bear when you can wear it first?! These are a bit more ‘melty’ than some summer candies, so we do advise that if it’s a very hot day, you keep these back at the hotel room to be enjoyed later.

Coconut Fruit Mushrooms – One of the latest and greatest arrivals at, these coconut mushrooms are making quite a splash! From Gerrit Verburg comes one of the prettiest, most unique candies of all, with a mouthwatering, fruity coconut flavor that just screams ‘summer!’ Fun to look at, fun to share, fun to enjoy – these little pieces of candy art are a pleasure to the eyes and the taste buds.

There’s plenty more vacation-ready candy at Blair just waiting for you to take it along! And if you have any questions about whether something is a good pick for your trip, reach out to us at the Blair Candy Twitter or Blair Candy Facebook and we’d be happy to help. It is always your best bet to keep candy out of the sun and heat as much as possible, and to add Ice Packs to your Blair Candy order, but there are of course some candies that are more up to the summer challenge than others!

Safe Travels and Sweet Treats, everyone!

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