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Blair Candy Welcomes our Sweetest Addition Yet – Baby Maya!

We’re accustomed to hearing the Baby Bottle Pop Rattlerz shaking their way into order boxes, but there’s a different kind of rattle making noise at Blair Candy these days – the real kind! Just a few days ago Candy Pam’s Little Princess made an appearance at Blair, and it was the most awwwdorable delivery we’ve ever seen! Baby Maya is the first member of the 5th generation of the Blair Candy family business, and we have a hunch she’ll be a natural. When she visited a few days ago at just a few days old, she showed more than a passing interest in the Lil’ Feet It’s a Girl Candy. To the untrained eye, she may have appeared to just be staring at the box, but we know candy captivation when we see it!

Grandma Pam couldn’t be more pleased with her little bundle of sugar and spice (drops) and everything nice – she really is perfect! She may be a little less than 2 weeks old, but the concensus shows that she is indeed the sweetest addition to our lineup in our 70+ years in business. She won’t be old enough to enjoy any candy for a while, but I did see her eyeing up the Nik L Nips with a twinkle of hope. She doesn’t have any teeth yet, which makes eating candy kinda tricky, but perhaps she could rock a pair of Wax Fangs and show those Bubble Gum Cigars who’s boss? Hmmm…maybe I should check with her parents first.

We hope you’ll join us in giving Maya a warm, wonderful welcome into the world! Many of you have been shopping with us for years and feel like extended family, so it was important that we let you know in 16 years or so there will be a brand new Blair employee around here – a 5th generation-er! Time really does fly when you’re having fun, and we’re happy to say that indeed we are. And we aren’t rushing those 16 years in the least. For now, we couldn’t be more content than to just sit, and watch her, and hold her, and smile. 🙂

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