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Valentine’s Day Candy for Sweethearts of All Ages!

Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a holiday for 2 distinct groups of people: kids and couples. For kids, it usually means creating Valentines to share with classmates and friends, or choosing their favorite pre-made Valentines at the store, which are usually available in a wide variety of styles ranging from timeless to trendy. For couples, Valentine’s Day is typically accompanied by candy, flowers, and an evening out at a special restaurant. For as nice as these things are, they aren’t something everyone can enjoy. Firstly, most of the people reading this are not kids. Secondly, not everyone reading this is part of a couple, and even those that are may have other people in their lives they’d like to extend a little Valentine’s Day love to!

We aren’t suggesting anything scandalous – Blair Candy isn’t looking to be a home wrecker! We just wanted to give you some candy suggestions that are perfect for co-workers, friends and family members; sweet treats that are sure to bring a smile like only candy can.

Cool Candy for Kids: Looking for something unique for your children, nieces, or nephews? Kids are usually huge fans of novelty candy. If it’s something they’ve never seen before, they want it twice as badly! If it lights up, sprays, or squeezes, add a few bonus points. Some super fun Valentine’s candy picks for kids include Giant Gummy Bears, Icee Squeeze Candy and Skittles Sour Light Up Spray. Want to give them novelty candy that brings a Valentine’s theme? A box of Puppy Love Candy is perfect for Valentine’s Day and has enough sweets for 18 of their favorite friends!

Retro Candy for Adults: Want to give something special to friends and coworkers who have a few more candles on their birthday cake each year than they care to admit to? Our nostalgic candy makes for a tempting treat that’s packed with memories. If you want to keep with the popular pink and red theme of Valentine’s candy, consider sharing Candy Lipstick, Atomic Fireballs, or even some cherry or strawberry Air Heads Taffy. Just because the package isn’t covered in hearts and cupids doesn’t mean the candy inside is any less delicious or perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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