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Candy Criminal Has a Sweet Tooth He’d Steal For!

While most of us were snoozing away yesterday a 21-year-old man in Mesa, AZ was busy allegedly breaking into a Blockbuster Video store. It wasn’t a romantic comedy he was after, or even a new release, but the sweet stuff by the counter we all know and love – candy! While Blockbuster’s candy offerings don’t quite rival those of Blair, we have to admit they do bring an impressive offering to the movie-viewing public. And while we never condone theft of any kind, except perhaps Goober stealing our hearts, if you’re going to get caught red-handed, you might as well get caught with red gummy dollars or Hot Tamales!

What we find especially interesting is that the Mesa police Sgt. says the suspected candy caper involved the Blockbuster Video window being broken with a rock shortly before 4 a.m. What makes the time of day so surprising? In other candy news, today at 3:30 a.m. a 4-year-old in Arlington Heights, IL was found wandering the streets, wearing proper gear for the winter weather. Luckily a driver spotted the young child, and police followed his steps in the snow back to an open door at his home where his mother slept, unaware that her son had stepped out. When asked why he was tackling the cold alone at 3:30 in the morning, the boy “said he was going to the gas station to get candy.”

Does the winter weather simply come with candy cravings in the air? Are we destined for dreams full of cotton candy clouds with mountains made of Mounds Bars? Are we dooming each other to criminal records or long walks through the snow simply by saying “Sweet Dreams”?! Perhaps. Perhaps we are. But we can fight back. We can protect ourselves against frosty fingertips and embarrassing mug shots by making sure to stock our cupboard shelves with our favorite treats. We’ve personally never needed an excuse to keep candy in the house at all times, but if you’d feel better having one, we hope this helps!

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